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Volume VIII: 1999

The not too distant past (although it already feels like it)..

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Me with a skinny friend, Get Stuffed taxidermists, Essex Road, London

January 1999 (I think)

Andrew M. attempting to catch and stretch a feral cat. He sincerely believes that cats enjoy this procedure

January 1999

Early arrivals at my leaving-for-San-Francisco house party; from left to right, they are: Johnny D., Andrew M., Marina B., David G., Djurdja W. & Nan R.

5 June 1999

Me in a rental car in the RLG car park

March 1999

The car I nearly bought -- a Pontiac Trans Am Firebird, with a 5.9 litre turbocharged engine. Unfortunately it wouldn't pass the smog test

June 1999

My photo, as it appeared in Issue 49 of RLG News

June 1999

This is my car pulled up on the shoulder of Highway 280, on my way home from work


I don't wear my specs very often, but this is what I look like when I do


My car parked on a very steep street in the Potrero Hill area of San Francisco


My car's engine -- a Ford 302 ci (5.0 litre) V8 with a 2v carburettor. Ironically, this is part of a family of engines known as 'small block' V8s


Fully-loaded -- a car full of young girls at Muir Woods

August 1999

My friend Jessica with wine on her top at the 'Burning Spam' party

October 1999

Me in a Philadelphia restaurant with more drinks than I know what to do with!

October 1999

Me in front of the Liberty Bell, Philadelphia

October 1999

Scyld B. pulling donuts in the desert in my car.

November 1999

Scyld looking uncharacteristically pensive in the Grand Canyon.

November 1999

Me drinking champagne out of a plastic glass in the Grand Canyon

November 1999

In the desert

November 1999


CRASH! The aftermath of an accident on Highway 280, when I swerved across 3 lanes to avoid a collision but was still clipped by a burning blue Honda traversing the carriageway

December 1999



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